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A Visit from Geoffrey

Jul 23, 2018

Last month we had a visit from Geoffrey Kirima. He is a brother from Meru, Kenya, and was in Malawi working with a Bible School in the Phalombe Region, east of Blantyre. He had written to see about dropping by Namikango. I didn’t know Geoffrey, but when he and his team dropped by for a few hours, we quickly realized there were several common grounds between us. Geoffrey oversees a Bible School in Meru, in connection with Rick Trull and some other missionaries that worked in Kenya during my parents’ time there. He is also connected to LivingStone University in Uganda, where my brother, Ty teaches. It was an encouraging visit with Geoffrey and one of those times when one realizes that God has many people in many places doing many things, and as servants in His Kingdom, we are closer than we think.