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Deep Connections

Jul 23, 2018

John Katete is one of the oldest prior workers at the Mission. He came as a Bible student on campus in the early 1960s and wound up working at Namikango for many years. His love for Scripture led him to memorize most of the Bible - Old and New Testament. He is still a very influential man in his community and is respected throughout churches of Christ in the Southern Region.

Symon Katete, his son, has followed in John's footsteps. He has been working at Namikango for many years now. He currently serves as Senior Advisor and provides leadership to our various ministries and departments at Namikango.

Symon and John’s home is in the Ntakha area. My family and I had the pleasure of making our first visit to the church there recently. It is a beautiful location in the Great Rift Valley and faces the back of Zomba Plateau. This is a quiet area with many indigenous trees still standing in a time where much of Malawi’s forests have been cut down.

Even more than just the beautiful area, it was wonderful to visit the home of a family so dedicated and deeply connected with Namikango from its early days to the present. Getting to have my children sitting together with a couple several generations removed from them and from a different culture, but still closely connected because of their love and service to Jesus was so very special. The presence of Jesus brings together different ages and cultures into sweet unity. It made me think of Jesus' words that though one can’t “see” the Kingdom, and say, “there it goes,” surely this picture captures something of what the Kingdom of God looks like.