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First Fruits

Jul 23, 2018

It is literally the season of "first fruits".

After three years of clearing land, planting, losing plants to drought, re-planting, irrigating bucket-by-bucket, waiting, and waiting some more, we have harvested Namikango’s first coffee cherries. Hooray!

This has been a good learning experience as we endeavor to become more "fruitful". We currently have about four acres of coffee, now bearing fruit. We are focusing on a small area in order to ensure quality and success. We plan to expand further at a later date. The harvest has begun and will continue over the next few months. So far so good.

The cherries (coffee) show signs of good quality. When they are red and ripe the cherries are picked from the tree, the outer red skin removed, revealing the actual coffee beans. These are then fermented for a time then set out to dry for an even longer period of time. After husking, they are sent for roasting, and then to the cup.

We are still acquiring the equipment needed for processing and roasting, which we hope to have in place by the beginning of the year.

Quality Counts

We roasted and tested some of the beans from the current harvest and have received positive feedback. We have a good friend in Houston who runs a coffee business, and he was encouraging, noting good signs of acidity and flavor in this initial harvest.

This news only adds to the excitement as we move forward with this process. We expect things will only improve as we acquire the needed equipment in the near future.

We desire to be good stewards and to be fruitful with the Mission property. In this, we not only set a good example for our neighbors, we also raise funds to share the responsibility Mission operating expenses.

Please pray for good stewardship as we work and learn.