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A Special Time

Jul 24, 2018

Our family arrived safely in the US near the end of June, and we want to thank you all for your prayers for us while we were traveling. We had a great trip and are glad to be back with family. We arrived in Houston at my parents’ place with a full house: Ryan and his family had come in a month earlier, and my other brother, Ty, who works in Uganda, arrived a few days before.

Anytime you can have your whole family together is very special, but this time was especially so for two reasons. First, the World Cup was on TV, which is something we enjoy watching together as a family. And secondly, this was the first time in six years (since we left for Malawi) where our entire family (parents, siblings, and our children) was able to be together. Plus, adding to the excitement, as we landed in Houston, we learned that Justine and Ryan were on their way to the clinic where Riley would be born . . . one hour later. So it was a very special time in the very best sense.

We will be visiting between Lubbock and Houston during our furlough.

Planning for the future

We are looking forward to a meeting with the Namikango Mission Board the first week in August. It will be good to have our Mission team – Ryan, Eric, and myself, and the Board together at the same time. This will be an important time as we make plans for the future of Namikango.

Soon after the meeting, Ryan and Eric will be returning to Malawi.

We appreciate your continued prayers as we are all traveling, and especially for the board meeting, that it will be refreshing and fruitful.

We look forward to meeting up with many of you over the next few months.

By Ben Hayes