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The Spoken Word Comes to Life

Aug 30, 2018

A leadership seminar was held recently at Matope, about an hour from Namikango’s campus. We had 177 leaders gather, including some ladies interested in women’s ministry. It was a good event with several topics taught ranging from Church Leadership to Church Worship. People were laughing and fellowshipping as they headed home at the end of a good day.

One thing that made the event extra special and gave witness to what these leadership seminars are about was growing unity among the churches. This particular seminar targeted an area where there is a separation between two groups of churches. We do not expect one event to change everything, and thus were not surprised when we did not have as many participants from both groups as hoped. We had good participation from one group and minimal from the other. Words, teachings, and sermons after all, though important, are not that important unless they become flesh and get lived out in our lives.

Brother Kandaya was the “word” who become flesh in our midst that day. He is an Elder at his congregation as well as a Village Headman for his area. He holds a position of influence and respect.

In the weeks leading up to the event, we met with each group of churches individually to ask them to attend the seminar. One side indicated that they would not be able to attend. We waited to see what the turnout would be. Bro. Kandaya was the only man who showed up, representing his group.

We learned later that he had met with his group after our invitation and he spoke to them about the importance of showing unity with the other churches by attending this meeting, and that he was going to attend on their behalf. Thus, at the end of our meeting that day, he was thanked heavily for the example of leadership that he showed to all of us. He was living the very thing we were teaching, even at some cost to himself, walking the path of Jesus in order to lead others.

It’s situations like this that both encourage and humble us; encouraging that people are willing to exemplify Christ in their character; humbling in that it was not because of our seminar that such things happened, but rather the very leadership we were there to teach about already existed and was being lived out before us.

By Ben Hayes