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Rebuilding Broken Relationships

Aug 30, 2018

People in Malawi are thirsty to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. This is true in both the villages and in the cities. Despite the recent hunger situation in the villages, largely the result of a pest called 'the army worm' which destroyed crops of many small-scale farmers . . . many people are still showing up at these camp meetings.

The theme for this year is titled, “Loving God by Loving our Neighbour.” This theme has come at the right time as we see by the comments and feedback from people who attended

Yes, many people go to church - but they do not live Christ-like lives. There is a great need for God-centered relationships to be built between people and through the churches; I am very optimistic that the introduction of this theme of “Loving your Neighbour” is going to help in rebuilding broken relationships between our neighbours and between us and God . . . in families, churches, and the communities at large.

A camp meeting usually involves three of our staff members. We’ll leave Namikango campus Friday morning for the village that will be hosting the meeting, and return late Sunday. Although it is not an easy thing to leave our homes, we feel gratified when we see people really taking hold of the message being taught. Our emphasis is on how it is impossible to love God without loving the person next to us. As 1 John 4:20 says, “If we say we love God but hate any of our brothers or sisters, we are liars. If we don’t love someone we have seen, how can we love God whom we have not seen?” We pointed out that our love for God can only be seen in the love we show to people around us.

God is at work through these camp-meetings. In one meeting a lady admitted that she was not living at peace with her neighbour and she vowed to amend their relationship. This shows that these Gospel meetings are yielding good fruit in people’s lives. Please pray for God to be at work in all the camp meetings we are allowed to conduct.


By Stanley Mkwanda