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Fulfilling God’s Purposes

Aug 30, 2018

The Annual Meeting for the Namikango Mission Board took place August 2 - 4, 2018, in Houston, Texas. A special thanks to Robin Hughes and Karen Vaughn for making the arrangements to host this gathering.

We began Thursday evening with a special “Celebration Report” from the missionaries. Church leaders and supporters from the area were in attendance along with Board Members. We were very blessed that Ben Hayes, Ryan Hayes, and Eric Gephart all planned their Stateside furloughs in order to be at this year’s meeting.

Ben’s report covered Mission personnel, the Ntonda School, and the Maternity Clinic. Eric focused on the Bible School and Scriptural education efforts. Ryan shared how, when we help people with their farming and finances, it leads them to Christ.

It was a very upbeat evening as we heard about the many exciting things God is doing through Namikango Mission. A drawing for an oil painting of Mulanje Mountain in Malawi was won by one of our supporters, Cheryl Jones, at the end of the first evening.

On Friday and Saturday, the Board went into more details about the Mission’s efforts now and for the future. The impact of this work continues to grow at an astonishing rate. The Mission is making a positive difference in the spiritual and physical lives of the people of southern Malawi.

Reports at the Meeting once again demonstrated the focus of the Mission to share God’s Word in ways that result in measurable spiritual growth. This requires training Malawians to be Christ-centered leaders in their churches. True discipleship requires time and patient application of God’s Word to every aspect of our lives; I believe our missionaries are dedicated to this task of fulfilling God’s purposes. Please continue to pray for this good work.

By Robert Lee, Board Member