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They Kept on Coming!

Sep 28, 2018

Women were excited to be invited to Namikango Bible School after a break of several years. We had never seen anything like it . . . women started coming on Wednesday . . . a day before the seminar was to begin. Then on the opening day, women started pouring in at 7AM in the morning . . . we had announced that we would start at 3PM. By lunch time, the Mission grounds were covered with women. They had come from all over the Southern and Eastern Regions. The theme for the seminar was, “A Woman of Noble Character” – Prov. 31:10.

Many were attending for the first time and were very grateful to get to come. The teaching by staff members, both men and women, was excellent.

We had not anticipated this number of attendees and the event taught us a lot about being prepared. We faced a challenge with food, shortage of staff, sleeping space, and equipment. On the first day, the staff stayed busy making accommodations and serving meals.

The second day was a little better organized and women were still arriving. Finding enough sleeping areas was a real challenge. We used all the spaces we could find: the old classroom, the Mission house, the church building, and even the new classrooms. This was still not enough to accommodate 1,114+ women and children.

Next, we sought tents to rent from the Govt. Defense Force, from the local Police, and even from Zomba Prison.

1,114 signed our registration sheet, but there were many who came and did not register. The number was overwhelming.

The recommendation from the women was - please continue inviting them to the Mission, because they were refreshed and enriched spiritually. They were also aware of the challenges we faced and they assured us that they would help in the future and not let us down.

We see a deep need to provide spiritual guidance and training for our ladies every year. Can you imagine the church without godly women – what it would be like?

By Symon Katete