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Sep 28, 2018

Furlough can have some real blessings and some challenges. We have enjoyed our many travels to see family and friends, visiting several congregations, indulging in Mexican food and Dr. Pepper (that one is for Ben), plus speaking on behalf of Namikango Mission and our Malawian Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Our children have said “hello” and “good bye” and “nice to meet you” so many times. Our five-year-old daughter keeps track of the number of hours we are in the car for each drive whether it be from Houston to Dallas to Lubbock to San Antonio to Mississippi to Austin or anywhere in between. We are very grateful for these special times with our friends and families. We have also been very blessed to reconnect with many of our supporters, and wish we could get to know all of you on a more personal level. Without your support, the great things happening at Namikango Mission would not be possible: sharing the Gospel, reaching Muslim ladies through the Village Savings and Loans financial program, providing a safe place for maternity care just to name a few.

Missionaries are often viewed as unique or special because we have left our culture to witness to another. However, we recognize that the mission field in the US also has many challenges. We respect those of you who witness through work, school, or other fields. We have been encouraged to hear stories of what God is doing amongst our Christian family here in the States. May we all continue to share with those who do not know Christ.

By Becca Hayes