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Update from Bob Mize

Oct 26, 2018

As we look at expansion and rebuilding needs for Namikango Mission, the Board of Directors have retained Bob Mize to work part-time in financial development, to review the potential of funding the Mission’s multi-phase growth goals.

Last month we reported that Bob will be assessing the possibilities of support for our Phase One improvements and he will be contacting individuals, congregations, businesses, and foundations.

Bob reports, “my learning curve right now as a fund-raiser is steep. I am trying to grasp the history, current operations, and needs of Namikango Mission. A term in sales is elevator speech, meaning a condensed but clear description that could be delivered in the time it takes for an elevator to reach its floor. Pray that I will present our ‘product’ well, not just the facts but the spirit of our mission.”

He comes to this position with prayer support from many family members and friends who know about Namikango through him. You can contact Bob by phone – 1(806) 543-1516 or by email -