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Evangelism in Chikwawa

Oct 26, 2018

It was an exciting week for Namikango’s Bible team. We traveled to Chikwawa, deep in the southern region of Malawi. After meeting up with a local leader, the Bible Team set to work.

The team walked through villages, passed out Bible materials, and stopped to talk with anyone who was willing to talk. As the week went on, the team was able to reconcile twelve people back to the Lord.

Additionally, we were able to baptize fourteen people into the Kingdom of God!

Sam, one of our Bible team leaders, waded into the Shire river to baptize these brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus.

The Shire River you may know has an abundance of crocodiles and hippos in it, but we managed to avoid them.

The team was able to encourage Christians and to expand the Kingdom of God in Chikwawa; we celebrate as we welcome our new brothers and sisters in Christ.

By Eric Gephart