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A Step Forward

Oct 26, 2018

For several years we have discussed being able to treat more illnesses than just maternity needs at Namikango Mission. We have prayed, done research, conferred with many, and feel it is now time to broaden our outreach in this area.

We do a good job with maternity needs, but if someone comes with malaria, or stomach ache, or an injury, we have to send them away. We are not equipped to help. But, we think the time has come when we should be able to do more.

There is a government clinic in the area and it is free, but it is over-run. They are not able to handle all the people that come through.

We are proposing that we broaden our maternity facilities which will allow us to treat more people. We are also proposing a small charge, a fee so we can do this without adding to our monthly expenses. This is a major and positive step forward but we are now able to do it.

We are planning to use one existing building at the Maternity Clinic by adding an extension to it. We would begin by using the medical staff already in place. Though this staff is not completely sufficient in size, it will allow us to begin slowly. Our Nursing staff is paid by a government organization, but the administrator is paid by the Mission. This has been a good partnership.

The need for an Outpatient Clinic is very clear and once we are set up and underway this medical service will pay its own way. With all these factors considered and prayed about, the Mission Board and the Mission Staff have decided to take this step forward.

We broke ground at the beginning of July with the extension to an existing building. Our initial costs required for this project are primarily for building, equipment, and medicines. We have already acquired much of the equipment and medical supplies needed. These have been donated by the "Malawi Project" and "FAME" and are in a container in the U.S. ready to be shipped. We’re excited to see God provide us with this new ministry. While equipment and supplies have been donated, there is still a large cost in getting these things to Malawi. The cost for a shipping container is $17,000.

In February when we had to shut-down our maternity services due to the fire at the clinic, it became clear how vital our clinic has been in serving the people in our area

The government health representatives from the larger hospital in Zomba visited us and they have called us often, begging us to re-open soon. We trust that this new service will be just as important to the people here as the Maternity Clinic has been. While we have just begun this project, the funding is not fully covered. If you’re interested in helping us launch this new work you can do so with your support. Just mark your contribution "Medical" and send your check to Namikango Mission, Box 21, South Houston Tx 77587. This will benefit many people in the years to come.

I ask you to prayerfully choose an area of need and please give generously:

Start Up Costs:

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Blessings Ben