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We have a new fence!

Nov 23, 2018

Thieves like to come onto the Mission property to cut down and steal the trees. And, being thieves, they would take anything else in the area that they could carry, slipping away through the darkness of the forest . . . (Incidentally, the Mission forest is one the few areas left where the trees have not all been stripped to the ground; we want to protect this oasis of growth.)

Yes, we do have guards, but 90 acres of wooded area is hard to protect. HOWEVER . . . that was a year ago. Now, we have protection all around the Mission property. We have a new fence!

This project was done in two phases: 1) The sides and back of the Mission – constructed with tall, wooden poles and barbed wire 2) The front and living/working areas – a beautiful, brick and steel fence. This covers a length of 800 ft. and it includes three vehicle entrances and five pedestrian entrances strategically positioned.

In addition to keeping thieves off the Mission property, the fence benefits our neighbors by preventing thieves from moving easily between villages and hiding among the trees. Our neighbors also appreciate the new fence because they got to help build it.

Namikango is now in a crucial time of building and property improvement and when you are building anything you are exposed to thieves who would carry off building materials, equipment, and tools. This fence allows us to breathe a little easier for the safety of Mission workers and it helps us to be good stewards of Mission property.

By Tinkhani Phiri