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Nov 23, 2018

Five months ago we sent a Mission team to Mozambique to train some church leaders in setting up some Village Savings & Loans (VS&L). This effort was so successful that other areas are asking for us to please come to their area and help them get started with a VS&L. Because of these requests, we sent another team from Namikango to see what the situation was. Sure enough, the 26 groups that began earlier were very successful and growing. The one area that was lacking was people who were trained in helping new areas to get started with their own VS&Ls. So we trained two people for this type of supervision and they were very successful and very busy helping the 26 groups. But still others were pleading for help. On this recent trip we chose 10 other leading people to be trained to fill this need. This training is intensive and solid. These 10 have been trained in all areas of leadership from start to maturity of a Village Savings & Loan.

At all the VS&L meetings we include a time to reflect on God and Jesus and how they have blessed us and our need to follow Jesus in all we do. We include reading Scripture, singing hymns, and prayer.

These groups are located quite a distance apart and traveling there finds us driving on rocky roads for several hours without accomplishing much distance. This distance between villages is why they needed close supervision and support because it is hard to get support from each other.

The new plan of ten trainers will give the villages the help they need. Since the trainers live there, they can visit and support the different groups without waiting for Namikango to make a rare visit.

We are very happy to see the VS&L projects assisting these churches and changing the lives of our brothers and sisters in Mozambique. It’s a journey that we have just begun and we trust that God will continue to strengthen these people through this project.In addition to the Mission VS&L team, three of the Christian Health Education teachers taught sessions on HIV prevention and how to have a happy marriage. They were well received. . . . and . . . the Results were Good!

By Ryan Hayes