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Barriers are Coming Down

Dec 27, 2018

"That they may be one." These words were spoken by Jesus Christthe night before He died. Five times He prayed for unity for His followers.That they may be one. (John 17:11)

We’ve longed for unity among the churches in Central and SouthernMalawi and thankfully have seen this come to pass. Ryan, Eric, and I,along with key Namikango leaders Symon, Chitani, Sam, and Stanley,made the 4-hour trip to Lilongwe for this meeting. Over 100 leadersgathered from approximately 13 different congregations in the area for theone-day event. The focus of the day was servant leadership as depictedby Jesus, specifically with the image of the Good Shepherd. Eric taughtthat a good leader serves much like a good shepherd cares for his flock.

Ryan's message from 2 Cor. 5 was a message of reconciliation andforgiveness. This is what God has given us and is what we arecommissioned to do with others.

We finished the day knowing that God was with us in a very powerfulway. We had many compliments for the event with people asking us tocome back again, and have it hosted in their areas next time. While weare blessed by these encouragements, we are aware that God is doingsomething bigger than our holding a seminar. Even in the months leadingup to this day, and before that, we’ve seen God moving in His own waysto bring churches throughout Malawi towards the unity that Jesus prayedfor. We’ve seen many barriers coming down in this last year in places andways that had nothing to do with Namikango.

We praise God that He is alive and working mightily in our area. Weknow He will continue to move and work, and we are grateful to be a smallpart of the larger work that He is doing.

By Ben Hayes