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Camp Meetings Come to an End

Dec 27, 2018

As the rainy season comes upon us the Camp Meetings must come to an end for the year.

We headed out to our last scheduled meeting . . . and it looked like rain. Dark clouds arose in the distance. We were concerned that we could not complete the meeting. We saw the dark rain clouds begin their downpour in some areas. But thankfully, they held off on us and we did get to finish our Camp Meeting.

We considered this year a success in spite of difficulties; many villages dealt with drought and poor crops. Of the 19 places we had scheduled to host a Camp Meeting, we were able to complete 18. We only had to cancel one due to extreme hunger. The zeal of the people everywhere we met was overwhelming despite the food shortages.

The theme for the year was “Loving God by loving our neighbor.” It was centered on Luke 15 and was well received. The attendance at the Camp Meetings was good, with one camp meeting, in the Phalombe District, reaching over six hundred people attending for the weekend. We had set several goals for the Camp Meetings this year. One was to go to hard-to-reach-areas, where few had visited and where people were hungry to hear the word of God.

Another goal was to visit widows and the elderly people, who were connected to Namikango, whose spouses had passed away in recent years. This has been an important ministry to let the families of respected leaders know they were not forgotten. We really enjoyed getting to visit these people and to encourage the churches to continue to uphold them.

We have already received numerous requests for Meetings in 2019. We would like to continue our effort to go to new places. We pray that the Lord will bless the seed we have planted and that it will continue to grow and bear fruit in abundance.

By Symon John Katete