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God's Tool Chest

Dec 27, 2018

God has given us some amazing tools to use in spreading His Word among His people.

Would you believe that a training program called "Farming God's Way" does just that? This way of farming truly brings people close to God. The program not only teaches people better ways of growing crops, it also draws a close bond between the physical and spiritual needs of their lives. "Farming God's Way" is taught by the Namikango CHE ministry and sets the tone early by focusing on God's teachings; on knowing God, reflecting on His way of doing things, understanding God’s completeness in everything we do, reaping what we sow, tithing, charity, and Believing what God has said . . . very simply, "Farming God’s way".

We recently had a training session on Namikango campus for 90 area farmers, including representatives from six different area churches.

The zeal and enthusiasm shown by our teachers is contagious. Everyone gets excited as they see how God blesses all areas of our lives.

Those participating in the studies were given a starter pack with maize seed and a measuring tool to use. Each lead farmer in a group has to set aside a one-hectare (~2½ acres) piece of their farming land in order to test the farming practices being taught. According to John 10:10,"I am come that they may have life and have it to the full." We believe that the abundance of the harvest will lead to an abundant godly life in these farmers and in their communities.

This excitement is long-lasting because when we later visit their villages, we see the results and they are outstanding. We see good fruit - both physical and spiritual - in their farms, their homes, and in the churches.

By Faith Somanje