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Shipping Container

Feb 1, 2019

Surprise!! The day we had our Christmas partyfor the staff, we received word that the container thatwe had shipped back in September was going toarrive. This was much sooner than expected . . .and a fun, early Christmas present.

Dick and Suzi Stephens of the Malawi Projectworked hard to find medical supplies for our Out-Patient Clinic. Thankfully they got them ready in avery short period of time.

FAME, another organization based inIndianapolis, also donated supplies to us that werepart of this shipment, some really useful supplies,from patient beds to medical gloves to . . .

We were also able to put the recently purchasedCoffee Roaster in this shipment. We are reallyexcited about this shipment because it helpsprepare us for two projects: Coffee processing (forself-support income) and for the Out-Patient Clinic(to help our sick and injured neighbors).

We are so thankful for the work of those whohelped put this together for us and for the donationsthat were made. It is going to be a major blessing.

By Ben Hayes