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Administrative Block

Feb 1, 2019

As part of our future plan to have a new Bible School onthe Mission campus, we began 2018 by building a Bible Classroom. It has been completed! We have begun construction of the next building in the Bible School plans –an Administrative Building. God has blessed us!

Due to the expansion and growth of our staff the last few years, we have had a major challenge in finding the office space to accommodate everyone. We converted the old Mission House into an office and conference building. This is where my family and all our prior missionary families lived. It has been a valuable step to convert this solid, but old, building for office use.

Even so, we continue to feel the pressure of needing more space to get all our work done.

The administration block will serve the purpose of providing the needed space for all our office staff. Plus, this move will free up some of the existing buildings to be used in other ways such as a library and study hall for the students, and potentially serving as a daycare facility.

We broke ground on the Admin Building in 2018 and things are moving along well. We hope to have it finished by the end of March 2019.

All of these projects are for the purpose of having a new Bible School on campus that will provide an English curriculum plus a Chichewa curriculum, which is somethingwe have not offered before. But we are not there yet. Still to come in the plans are student dormitories, a kitchen, and dining area. These are essential in order to start the school and accommodate students and their families on campus.We have made a lot of progress toward this goal already with the new class room and beginning of the Administration building . . . But we are not there yet. Though we currently don’t have the funds to start the dorms and kitchen buildings, we are trusting that God will provide what is needed in good time so that we can continue with this exciting new phase in Namikango’s future. We are eager to see God glorified through all our plans and we invite you to join us on this journey with your prayers and finances.

By Ben Hayes