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Out-Patient Building Nearing Completion

Feb 1, 2019

It has been encouraging to the staff to see the Out-Patient Building progress on the medical side of the Mission. We are excited to see how well this fits in with the existing structures.There are only a few minor touches to the interior of the building remaining as well as completing the toilet block that goes with this building. We hope to see all these things completed very shortly.

The next phase will be to get the rooms ready for use and for inspection. Once everything is set, we will have the Medical Council of Malawi approve us for operation and then be able to move forward.

Namikango Mission leaders have always wanted our presence there to be a signal that we were there to help the people as well as share the Good News of salvation. We do not intend to introduce people to Christ then walk away. The Gospel of Christ is more than that; it is showing a man how to plant seed so he will have food for his family. It is binding up a man's wounds so he will heal. When we extend a helping hand, people are anxious to know more about this Christ who drives us. This Out-Patient facility work will open many doors for the Gospel message.

We appreciate your prayers and encouragement for this ministry and the other projects happening. There are many steps ahead . . . we are only beginning. God is good!

By Ben Hayes