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There and Back Again…

Mar 1, 2019

In January, I had the unique blessing of making a quick trip back to the US to attend the Namikango Board Meeting. The team here was very supportive with my being away for the two weeks and it was very beneficial to get to be with the Board Members as we discussed Namikango’s future. In addition to the meeting, I also had the chance to visit several individuals and congregations in the West Texas area with Bob Mize, who has been helping Namikango fundraise for upcoming projects.

I finished off my trip in Houston with some special time with my parents. All in all, it was a great trip, though I was glad to be back with my family and team in Malawi. The change from cold(in the US) to hot and rainy (in Malawi) was a stark contrast. When I arrived back the rainy season was in full swing. One of my Malawian co-workers noted when I returned to the office, that I looked “different.”

“Do I look larger?” I asked, as that is the typical stereotype assumption for missionaries who go back to the US and eat a lot.“No" he said, "you just look…very white.”“Ahhh…well yes, it was cold in the US.”

Both Africa and the US have parts of “home” for me. It’s a blessing to be reminded of the good friendships we have at home and here with those we work with. It’s good to be back.

By Ben Hayes