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Topping the List of Popular Books

Aug 29, 2013

We have reordered the printing of "A Topical Guide to the Bible." This small book was written some years ago by a longtime missionary in Malawi, Doyle Gilliam. It has been very helpful to our Bible students and was first written in English then translated by Doyle himself into Chichewa. The book covers different topics such as Baptism, The Lords Supper, Passover etc… with scriptures relating to those subjects. There are very few printed materials available for studying the Bible in the Chichewa language and this has been a very useful tool through the years. We do not have a Bible Concordance available (though this is something Namikango has been working on for years and we are hoping to have it completed in the near future).

This “Topical Guide” remains very popular, right behind "Nyimbo," the Chichewa song book (words only, no music). The need for this study guide is very apparent, students really treasure it and they will use it daily until the pages literally wear out.

We have just ordered a new supply of books at a cost of $2500. If you would like to be a part of printing these books, we would love to have you underwrite all or part of the cost. Your contribution marked “printing” would be greatly appreciated and the books would be used . . . and used . . . and used.

Bible School vs. Village Study Centres

Written by staff member/accountant Stanley Mkwanda with input by Bisani and Ben

Namikango Bible School is a Mission outreach for training Christ-centered leaders, and it is working tirelessly to win souls to Christ. This is seen in the lives of the students who come here from all over Malawi to learn God’s word. Imagine the sacrifice it takes for a man to leave his home, his wife and his children, for six months at a time to study the Bible. Of a certainty it takes a dedicated, godly man to make this effort. This is true of the men who come to the Mission campus to study. But there is more…

At the campus on the Mission, almost all of the students are young men who have already attended a secondary school and read English fairly well. These students are then able to do research at the Mission library, even at night, to complete their studies. This makes the students who study at Namikango advanced when they graduate. The staff also are well equipped to meet the needs of teaching and they have access to different materials from the library and the internet. Lastly, being a well-established school attracts students country wide which promotes unity among churches from different parts of Malawi.

To further the goals of teaching God’s Word to good men, the Mission also has several extension studies located in various Village Centres. These village schools run concurrently with the Namikango campus school calendar. In some 20 Village Centres, approximately 800 men and women enroll each year in one or more courses of study. This is an indication of how eager people are to learn the Good news of Christ.

Village Centres have several advantages. These Centres are located in the areas where students have easy access to them. And when a class finishes for the day, the students can return home for chores and for time with family. Plus the Centres are managed by local church leaders who have a sense of ownership. This motivates them to ensure the success of their Bible School Centre.

Though the Village Centers have many advantages, they also face some challenges.

The students do not have an opportunity to study at night, because they have no electricity.

In recent years climate changes have had a negative impact on the survival of the Village Centres. If the harvest is poor, the turn out for class will be low and some Centres will even have to cancel the studies. This makes it extra hard on the student to graduate.

Another challenge to the Village Centres is that they do not have access to a library or other materials. They only have the study materials furnished by the Mission. Resources in Chichewa - the local language - are very limited, and this is what most Village Centre students speak.

In spite of the many obstacles, these Village Centres are an amazing testimony to hard work and a desire for the word of God, as graduates continue to take the Good News of Jesus back to their homes, families, and communities.

The Namikango campus also has its challenges. The study room and dorms are old and space is limited. This can give a wrong impression to the prospective students who are looking to attend a good school. And it prevents us from enrolling large numbers of students here. Lastly, students often come from afar to attend class here at Namikango, which means extended time away from family and fields. Measures have been put in place to allow students to visit their families more often. Plus, they are allowed to earn some money while living here by doing small pieces of work for the Mission.

In spite of these challenges, God is still glorified both on the campus here and in the Village Study Centres through the study of His word. The vineyard is big but workers are few; may the good Lord provide workers for a great harvest. Amen