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Extreme Damage at Ntonda School

Mar 1, 2019

It was a normal school day . . .

Friday, January 18th at Ntonda Primary. Ntonda is a First through Seventh Grade school with 1,800 students that is sponsored by Namikango Mission.

Heavy rain clouds rolled across Southern Malawi as the students gathered for classes. It is the middle of the rainy season here, so these ominous clouds were nothing unusual. They promised a good rain for the local crops. As the day wore on the storm got darker and louder. This too, was normal for the rainy season. However, this particular storm stirred up winds so strong that it frightened the children. At one point, the teachers and students noticed that the roof of their classroom was shaking and beginning to lift up.

Acting quickly, the teachers moved the students from two of the five classrooms. Minutes later the roof not only lifted up, it blew completely away! Students had taken shelter in another school room but the winds began to tear the roof off that building. Again, the children had to quickly leave that classroom as well. They watched more of the roofs being blown away. Then, even the brick walls began to come down under the intense winds of the storm.

When the storm finally subsided, the school leaders sent all the children home so they could review the damage caused by the storm. The first block of classrooms lost its roof plus had significant structural damage. The second block had three classrooms destroyed in the storm.

The damage was so significant that the buildings will not be able to be repaired – they must be torn down and completely replaced.

The Ntonda community, the local chiefs, and the school committee assessed the damage. They will save as much of the tin and bricks as possible for later use.

Namikango Mission sent a delegation to review the damage and discuss a way forward. As of now, the students will be having their classes outside under the large trees on campus. Of course, this is by no means a long-term solution. Even short-term it is difficult because we still have several months of rainy season left and the students need a safe environment in which to learn.

We will need lots of generous support to help us restore this once vibrant school and we will begin rebuilding as soon as we can. Namikango Mission and the Christian Relief Fund have been responsible for the building and maintenance at Ntonda School. If you wish to help, mark your check "School Repair" and Send to: Namikango Mission, Box 21, South Houston, TX 77587.

Ben reports on estimates he has received - the two school blocks will cost from $50,000 to $80,000 each. This means that a minimum of $100,000 will be needed . . . and these expenses will be on top of the expenses for projects already underway at Namikango Mission - where we will need approximately $300,000 to finish our ongoing work toward getting us ready to open the English Bible School at Namikango. Please remember all these needs in your prayers. God will show us the way!

By Eric Gephart