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A Blessing for Ntonda School

Mar 28, 2019

Last month, we reported that Ntonda Primary School was damaged by heavy winds during a storm. It resulted in the destruction of five classrooms.

We are grateful to report that we received generous responses from many of you, resulting in a total amount of $70,000. This will allow us to begin plans for rebuilding the school.

We have already worked with an architect and contractor to design another five-classroom block. We should be able to start the building next week.

The students who lost their classrooms have been holding classes under the trees. However, when it rains, they must move inside and squeeze together with other classes in the undamaged section. This has put considerable strain on the teachers and has slowed the learning process. Because of this, we are deeply grateful for the quick response which will allow us to rebuild and to have bigger and even better classrooms than before.

The completion date (if more rains don’t delay us) will be the beginning of June. What a blessing it has been to see how God has worked through each of you to support this school.

We are grateful for the funds given so quickly, and trust that we will receive the remaining $30k needed to complete the rebuilding.Your continued support and prayers are greatly appreciated.

By Ryan Hayes