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Mar 28, 2019

New Missionaries

Several years ago, a delegation from Mozambique came to Namikango asking if missionaries could be sent to them. They said there was much work that needed to be done and wanted to know how they could get a missionary who could live and minister in their country.

Namikango’s response at the time was that no missionary was available. However, we were willing to train Mozambican teachers at Namikango on how to be a missionary. Two men were selected for this goal. One represented the Milange area,and the other represented the Gurue area. These two men came to Namikango and lived at the Mission for over two years, learning as much as they could about Namikango’s ministries,Bible studies, training and learning about church leadership and the role of a missionary. Finally, last September, it was time to return these men to the churches in Mozambique.

Since returning, they have been serving in that ministry and learning what missionary life is like. They have worked to establish strong leadership among the churches there and to introduce new skills in community development.

Teacher Refresher Course

At the end of February, the Namikango Bible Team traveled to Mozambique to host the Annual Teacher Refresher Course in Milange. This annual meeting brings together all the Bible teachers who will be teaching in the Village Bible Schools in Mozambique.

We offer refresher courses for the coming academic year. Namikango has two Bible Centers there: one in Milange, a trading town on the border between Malawi and Mozambique;and Gurue, a small town deep in the heart of Mozambique. Teachers from both Centers traveled to Milange to participate in the two-day training.

Along with the training materials, the Bible Department shared other valuable information like updates and plans/goals for this year. Additionally, the team was able to sit with representatives from different communities to discuss questions they had and the best way to move forward.

After the course was completed, the team traveled to Milange and Gurue to talk with the new missionaries and to hand the mover to the churches in an official capacity. It was with much joy that the churches received their men back, exclaiming, “We finally have missionaries!”

By Eric Gephart