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Shaping the Next Generation

May 1, 2019

In recent years, churches in the villages have wanted to involve their young people in Christ-centered activities. Since the churches are rather small, they do not have a lot of means to do this. Often, they will work together with other churches in the area and plan a youth activity.

We were recently asked if they could hold a youth activity at Namikango. Leaders from 9 different districts had the complete oversight for running of the event, but we were to provide the lodging and classrooms.

Lots of Young People to Warm Your Heart!

We anticipated about 300-400 students . . . 700 showed up on the campus! This inspired some quick action finding lodging anywhere we could; on the verandas, in staff houses, in the church building, classrooms, etc. It looked like a miniature version of the women’s meeting we had just last year.

This was an encouraging event and the young visitors had a great time. The reports from our staff was that these young people were well disciplined and very eager to learn. The next youth event is already being planned for this coming May. It’s good to see this increased focus on youth. This is the next generation of Jesus’ followers being shaped in Jesus' image.

By Ben Hayes