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Growing Mighty by Small Steps

May 1, 2019

I am Styford Blazio. I work under the supervision of Ryan Hayes at Namikango Mission as a Village Savings and Loan coordinator. I teach people how to save and how to honor God with their money.

Let me share with you the special story about the Kasenga Church of Christ.

A team from the Mission went to Central Malawi to visit farmers and some of the Village Savings groups we had helped begin three years ago. It is so uplifting to see how Jesus Christ is working through these programs.

This church there had an old, mud building with a sagging, straw roof. It was not in good condition. The church felt they could do better. (This is according to Felix Mhone, the church’s Preacher.) He was very excited as he narrated their story to us. We had taught the people how to work together and save their monies through the VSL program, and the church decided they wanted the church to do this, the same way individuals do, so they could improve the condition of their sagging building and they wanted to honor God in this way.

They began first by saving their monies, at the same time they prepared to make their own bricks with Malawian clay soil. To cure the mud-bricks, they needed a lot of wood for fire and they did not have access to wood. So. through the VSL, they borrowed a small amount of money to allow them to purchase wood from a distant location . . . and the process of firing the bricks began.

After a period of time they repaid the loan and the church borrowed another, larger sum. This larger sum they used to pay the bricklayers to build the new church. At the end of the last VSL cycle, they had paid out all their loans, and they received 68,000 Kwacha for their share-out. (This amounts to $93US dollars ) This money will be kept by the church’s treasurer and they plan to use it to buy windows for the church.

In looking ahead, the church plans to join the VSL group again this next cycle. The preacher said they next want to buy bags of cement to cover the dirt floor. They also plan to buy chairs and to have a nursery school where they can teach the children around the church.

We do not have close contact with this church since they are so far away, but when we do see them, the reunion is great, filled with joy and praising God for His goodness

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full…John 10:10.

By Styford Blazio