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May 1, 2019

For 45 years I have stood on the sidelines, overseeing the Namikango Mission work and cheering on godly men who were willing to go to a foreign land and raise their families there and to actually carry the Great Commission to the lost. I stand in awe.

Now I see in a new generation of saints those who want to do more than tell people about Christ. They want to help people be like Christ. That means doing more than preaching; it means getting close to people in their daily activities and daily needs. They like to use a term that is somewhat new to me; "Holistic." I looked it up and it means ‘to reach and convert the whole man, to impact all his needs.’

These youngsters of ours at Namikango want people to know the real Jesus, the complete Jesus. And, as they see Jesus feeding the poor, healing the sick, and doing good wherever He went, they want to do the same. Out of this heartfelt desire came the plans for the Christian Health Education, (CHE) teaching better health and better marriages and the Village Saving & Loan (VSL) program where people are taught ways to save and to plan for their own financial needs; money for seeds, for fertilizer, etc . . . and how they can do this without looking for outside help. They are now preparing to expand the Mission Clinic to include not just maternity, but all their neighbors' medical needs. Plus, there are plans to have an English Bible School at the Mission. These are just some of the amazingly successful efforts our team is accomplishing.

And you know what else? When our team sends someone to a village to preach the Gospel . . . people come . . . . people listen . . . and they want to be just like this Jesus they have learned about.

Wow! I salute the missionaries and all of you who have supported this work through the years and I thank God that I have lived long enough to see His mighty hand at work this way! I truly do to stand in awe!

By Sidney Vaughn