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Shawn Visits Ntonda

Aug 30, 2013

We recently visited Ntonda Primary School, Grades 1 through 7. This is a ministry begun by Namikango in 1964. It is about an hour’s drive from the Mission. Even though a new classroom block is being built, the school is old and in need of lots more renovations. After meeting with teachers, we moved outside to watch some races, dances, singing, and a friendly soccer match. It was all fun.

After the games, Ben Hayes introduced some friends from Blantyre who had brought books, school supplies, and balls. The kids were attentive - especially when some sweets were pulled out of the box. It was a good outing and a first time visit for me to Ntonda. I left thinking of all the wonderful possibilities we have here to serve like Jesus. There are so many little things that could be done. Aahhh! The life of a dreamer.

~ Shawn Tyler