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May 1, 2019

Construction Everywhere!

Namikango is in the middle of a season of construction and growth. It seems that every aspect of the Mission is impacted, from new soccer jerseys for the Namikango team to a new Mission sign at the main entrance. Bigger construction projects include the administration building on campus, which will provide much needed office space. There are also new classrooms being built at Ntonda Primary School following storm damage. By Eric Gephart

Admin. Bldg.

Construction on the Administration Building continues to progress. The second level is coming in nicely and changing the face of that part of Namikango’s campus.

We’re looking forward to the day when staff will be able to move in and open up space for the New Bible School.

Soccer Pitch

The football field (soccer pitch) is level and we’re getting ready to host the first match in the upcoming weeks. Besides being used for the campus school students, this will also provide a nice field for the Malawi league teams in our area to host games, something that is desperately wanted. Soccer is a sport that many rally around. We sponsor a local team called Namikango Football Club. It has done well - winning a championship our first year. Plus, it has provided another avenue for us to build relationship with our community. This will continue to grow as we provide a place for these soccer matches to take place on our campus.

Ntonda Classrooms

Construction on the new classroom block at Ntonda school is underway. In order to use the funds we received in the best way, we decided to build a five-room classroom block. It will have three complete classrooms in the center; the classrooms on each end will have half walls. We don’t have enough funds to completely finish all five classrooms at this time. This solution will allow the rooms to be used now and will also allow for expansion in the future where the end rooms can be finished.

In addition to the school, we will need to help re-build one staff house at Ntonda that was destroyed in the floods. This will be in partnership with the community. They will provide a portion of what’s needed to re-build and we will help with the rest.

All in all, we’re excited about the development as these five rooms will replace the classrooms that were lost. And, these will be much nicer classrooms, with better ventilation and a better environment for learning. Students are currently meeting outside, so we’re hoping to have this done by the end of June.

We are so thankful for the generous response that has made all this possible.

By Ben Hayes