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Construction Updates

May 31, 2019

Construction continues here on Namikango’s campus.

Our administration building continues to take shape. Doors are being added to the offices, and the staircase is climbing towards the second floor. Plumbing has been added. Soon construction on the roof will begin. This will be just in time for a visiting team to assist us with adding solar panels to the roof in order to power the building during our frequent blackouts.

The coffee facility building continues to take shape on a really beautiful part of Namikango’s campus. It is located close to the coffee fields themselves. This building will house the entire coffee preparation process, from bean to bag! The building will be completed just in time, as our coffee plants are nearly ready for harvesting.

The Out Patient Clinic Addition is nearing the end of construction, with sinks being installed in the patient rooms. Curtains were recently added to the rooms, bringing the building one step closer to being patient-ready!

The new classroom block at the Mission has been completed and will be officially opened during Board Member Shawn Tyler's upcoming visit to Namikango at the end of May. We look forward to using these classrooms for Namikango’s various education initiatives, as well as the Bible School!

At Ntonda School, the foundation has been laid for the rebuilding of the classrooms which were destroyed by the recent storms. We are grateful for the quick response of support by many which has allowed us to begin this rebuilding.

The good foundation for Ntonda School has been laid, replacing classrooms damaged in the storm.

The two blocks of buildings on the left are being used. The one at the end with no roof is not usable. One other group of rooms out of the picture are damaged beyond use.

We hope to have the five new rooms completed in June. Many thanks to all who have contributed and prayed for this.

By Eric Gephart