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Namikango Maternity Clinic Steps Into the Space Age

May 31, 2019

The Baobab Health Trust is a branch of the Ministry of Health and they have determined that Namikango Maternity qualifies for equipment to help us handle information for our patients, for when they first check in and when they return. Their health history information is now available for instant use.

This is a blessing to patients who no longer have to stand in a long line each time they come. Registering is now done very quickly and efficiently.

We often need a patient's health history and most heath facilities cannot produce records (even for the past few years). This equipment allows us to have an instant and permanent record with easy access.

This Ministry has also provided us with a power-backup-system to protect our patients when there is a power outage, which happens nearly every day in our area.

We are thankful that the Ministry of Health has recognized the services Namikango offers to the community and are thankful they have provided the means to help ease our work. We are blessed.

By Moses Nsema