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Jun 27, 2019

It is harvest time in Malawi. Some crops, like maize and soya beans have been harvested and arenow being dried ready for storage. We count ourselves blessed at Namikango because we were ableto harvest a good crop of soya beans.

This is one of the sustainable projects we have undertaken,in order to help us use the Mission land to generate incomewhich can be put back into various ministries.

In addition, this project allows men and women from aroundthe Mission to find part-time employment as they work on ourharvest. Women help with the "winnowing" in the Missionwarehouse. This is a method developed by ancient cultures forseparating grain from chaff which they did in the book of Ruth.This causes a lot of dust where they need to wear masks. Thisthrashing is followed by drying and stacking of the beans inbags.

An additional benefit to the workers is that they get to takesome of the "fruit of their labors" home to their families, afterthey are paid their weekly wages. We are grateful for this year’sharvest and thankful that we can benefit the community withwhat God has provided.

By Symon John Katete