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Small beginnings. "Just plant a seed and watch God perform wonders!"

Jun 27, 2019

Kamanja is a very dedicated member of the church. He had to travel nearly 20 miles, one way, in order to attend the nearest church. This would require that he leave his home on Saturday morning to travel, then spend the night at the home of a relative on the way, in order to be at church in good time. Every Sunday after worship he would leave and arrive home late in the night.

When a team from the Namikango Bible School came to his area, Kamanja led them to various local villages, and after several were baptized during that campaign, he began worship services at his house.

Kamanja enrolled as a student of Namikango Village Bible School and he has completed 15 courses. The total number of faithful members is now 28 and they have already started evangelizing in the area. They are excited and their number is growing.

This small congregation molded bricks and burnt them and they built a sizeable building. Their evangelistic efforts and their success in winning souls for Christ is assisting the start of another church in a nearby village.

This reminds us of the twelve apostles of Jesus. Their mission was to carry the Good News to the world. Though they were small in number, they responded to the great commission,“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation…”

We too have ourpart. We are exactly where God has placed us, to make a difference and to win souls for Christ.

Now, go, plant a seed!

By Symon John Katete