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Coffee . . .

Jun 27, 2019


Namikango Mission owns 90 acres of land in a beautiful location with some good farm land and lots of good trees.

The Mission leaders have always wanted to use the landwisely and have gone to great lengths to preserve the property and trees. This is one of the reasons we have recently installed a fence around the property – to prevent poaching and for protection.

Our missionaries have proposed ways for the Mission to usethe property wisely and to create an income from it which can be used in outreach ministries, such as feeding the large number of guests to Namikango and sending teachers to hold Gospel Meetings. In addition to being diligent with the Mission property, this sets an example for churches and villages around us, showing that they too can conserve and use their resources wisely.

The Board has agreed to these recommendations of the missionaries of growing useable crops. Some ways we are doing this is by growing macadamia trees and coffee plants together and growing garden products.

By Sidney Vaughn

Shop . . .

One of Namikango’s sustainability projects has been clearing and planting coffee plants. This has been a major project for the Mission, as coffee plants require a lot of care and attention.

Thankfully, we have learned how to grow good plants and are already producing coffee beans. These beans will be harvested, prepared, and roasted in order to sell to local coffee shops and other businesses who buy coffee. The goal of this project is to generate income that will help offset some of the ministry costsfor Namikango.

As the coffee plants are nearing maturity, construction on the coffee processing facility is also nearing completion. It’s located near the fields for easy access. This building is nestled in a beautiful corner of Namikango’s property, and will house the entire coffee processing system, from collecting the raw beans through to roasting, packing, and storing coffee for sale.

This will be the one-stop shop for all things related to Namikango coffee. As the building takes shape, we are excited to begin the next phase of this adventure, and we are really looking forward to some homemade coffee!

By Eric Gephart

Perks . . .

I toured the coffee processing building that received its metal rafters while I was there. The location of the building is next to the soccer field and that is a strategic perk because beans can be dried on the field and then processed and stored!

Ryan walked me through the rooms of the building andexplained each stage of the coffee process.

It appears to me that Ryan, Ben, and Eric have done their homework and are very conversant in all aspects of the coffee fields and processing, and they will learn even more as they wrestle with marketing.

By Shawn Tyler