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“Duck Dynasty” & Namikango

Aug 30, 2013

Who would have thought? Namikango Mission has ties to the most popular (reality) show on cable television! The hit show, “Duck Dynasty” on A&E, has ongoing ties to the Mission that go back many years. This show is about the Robertson family in West Monroe, Louisiana. They are a family of woodsmen who hunt, fish, and make duck calls . . . and they sport long shaggy beards. They have turned duck calls into a multi-million dollar business. Their motto is, “Faith, Family, and Duck Calls.” And they are serious about all three.

Once you get over the shock of their looks you will be surprised as you watch their daily activities, and discover that they have strong morals and live by decent, godly principles. At the end of each episode they sit down as a family and pray before eating. You might even see them at church, with one of them in the pulpit teaching a lesson. This kind of activity is nearly unheard of on modern television - maybe not since the Waltons - but the Waltons were fictional people and these Robertsons are very real.

Now let me tell you what their connection is with Namikango. The Robertsons are active members and leaders at White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, Louisiana, and have served there for years as Elders and Minister. Their church promotes a “Duck Commander Sunday” and the response is outstanding.

This church has sponsored World Radio, a radio program that has been broadcast in Malawi for many years. The Mission provides the preachers/teachers and they pay for the broadcast time. In addition to the radio support, this congregation has sent other support to the Mission, especially during times of severe drought. In 1991, on our 40th wedding anniversary, Anita and I visited there and made an appeal for support during a drought in Malawi and they gave graciously. I suspect one of the Robertsons was in that meeting with us the day we visited with the church leaders.

It does my heart good to see that decent, godly people can be portrayed positively and even be considered popular in this day and age. Who would have thought?

~ Sidney Vaughn