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Is God Calling You?

Jun 27, 2019

Namikango has been blessed by the support of many individuals and churches for over 55 years. During this period, the Mission has grown and expanded in ways the first missionaries and Malawian staff never dreamed. We have over 70 Malawian staff and three missionary families in Malawi now, which is the largest the Namikango team has ever been. We also have an active Board of Directors State side who are overseeing and partnering with the Namikango team to help work through the expansion where we feel God is leading us.

There is now a need to recruit and develop a new generation of supporters to follow in the footsteps of those who have been financially supporting Namikango for so long. While we have managed with a small budget all these years, the exciting ministry growth in Malawi has brought us to the point where we need to expand people's awareness of Namikango and to increase its support base.

The Namikango Board of Directors is seeking to hire a Partnership Director – someone who would manage Stateside operations for fundraising, including implementing a new platform for increased online donations, and broaden our base of Partnership supporters. A summary of the job description and skill set we’re looking for is shown here.

If you are interested in partnering with Namikango in this role, or know of someone who may be interested,please contact Sidney Vaughn, either by phone (cell:713-818-7301) or email ( for more information. This is an exciting new step in Namikango’s future and we look forward to seeing whom God will lead to join us!