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Aug 1, 2019

Football (soccer) Field

We’ve started preparing the football / soccer field for planting grass. We’ve also installed the fence around the field with a new gate. This will provide security for the field, and for the fans who come to watch their favorite team play. Namikango will become a central point for teams in the area who participate.

Out-Patient Clinic

Since completing the out-patient building, we’ve been adjusting the old, existing building in order to meet the requirements for opening the new Clinic. We’ve installed some new windows and closed some existing ones. We have also remodeled the inside slightly in order to make better use of the rooms.

Ntonda School Block

The five classrooms at Ntonda have also recently received their roofs and the finishing touches are coming along very nicely. We’ve been out to Ntonda a lot recently overseeing the rebuilding. When we see some of the primary school kids still studying under trees, it adds to the anticipation of getting these new classrooms opened. This building, together with the updated sign at the school, is starting to change the face of the school!

Admin building

The roof is going up on the Administration building, adding to its impressive appearance. Things continue to progress with this structure, and the staff is getting excited about the day when we will transition from our current offices to this building.

Coffee Processing Facility

The coffee building has been roofed and will be finished soon. We are moving towards the final stages. The coffee roaster will be installed when the building is done. We also just received the processing equipment from India this month. This will be installed inside as well. Needless to say, we stay quite busy.

By Ben Hayes