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"Best Staff Journey Group Ever"

Aug 1, 2019

We began our Staff Journey Group in 2018, seeking to take them on a similar journey as our other journey groups. This means to stop . . . and take the time to reflect on our personal relationship with Jesus. This year, due to additions to our staff, we’ve opened it up to all staff who wanted to participate. We now have a full spectrum of people from senior managers to security guards attending together. We’ve met twice this year and for one of the meetings we did something new; we watched “Chariots of Fire” together, which tells the story of an Olympic runner and missionary, Eric Liddel. We had a lively discussion talking about how sometimes honoring God means making hard decisions (like Liddel did) or how we “worship” God as we use the gifts God has given us. This was an incredible discussion. One staff member said, "This was the best staff journey group we’ve ever had."

We feel this is a step towards staff unity, bringing together the organizational and socio-economic lines within our staff. We’re looking forward to seeing the growth as a team that comes from this.

Our original Journey Group One also met in March, and we studied in Galatians and Romans. The discussion afterward was very encouraging. We have seen real growth in this group (ourselves in included) over the last three years we’ve been together. We’re becoming convinced that this discipleship model is bringing transformation in our lives, which adds to our eagerness for starting the new Bible School here at Namikango, in the near future, as it will include the Journey Group model.

By Ben Hayes