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What a Blessing!

Aug 1, 2019

We have had many special visitors this summer;

The Eastside Church group,

Eric's parents,

Ryan's and my parents,

Ricky and Allison Lewis's family, and

Sharon Hayes Lewis Griffith

We are soon to have visitors from Farmers Branch and Becca's parents. While this makes for a very busy schedule, it’s one of the great blessings of getting to live overseas – hosting family and friends in our homes. We’re so thankful for everyone who makes the effort to come! These folks will carry the message of dreams of Namikango with them wherever they go.

By Ben Hayes

They Came to Work!

Visitors are always a blessing at Namikango. We were especially blessed to have a team of 8 come to Namikango for a week from Eastside Church.

Each person on the team had unique skills to work and encourage in a variety of ways. While here, they donated funds for solar panels then helped install them to ensure the Maternity Clinic always has power. They did various training in CPR, First Aid, Women’s Health, and even had a Sports Day for Ntonda kids. Not only did they add value through knowledge and trainings, they were humble, flexible and willing to participate in any event that they were asked. We have been truly blessed by this group of visitors and are now stronger and more equipped as a staff. Thank you Eastside!

By Ryan Hayes

Mom & Dad (Kirk & Susan) Visit the Kids/Grandkids

Though Mom and Dad (Kirk and Susan Hayes) have been here several times (Dad first visited Namikango 40 years ago this month), it is always a blessing and loads of fun to have them come visit. Of course, they love to come to see the grandkids, but they are also a blessing to the Namikango staff. They are a great example of Christ-like kindness and generosity to everyone they meet.