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Old Bluegum Trees

Aug 27, 2019

These two ancient bluegum/eucalyptus trees have been on this campus sinceanyone here can remember. Symon Katete, one of our senior staff members,remembers them being here when he was a kid on this campus in the 1960’s. It wasa sad day when they had to be cut down. The trees had died and posed a threat offalling and crushing nearby buildings. After cutting them down, the wood from themwill supply material for construction or firewood for months to come.

They are still of use even after being cut down. There’s something sobering aboutseeing something come down that has been here that long. When we cut it, one ofour staff, Andrew, said, “Well, we should remove the stump and plant another tree inits place, so that in the future, others will enjoy it again.” This reminded me ofAbraham and the Tamarisk tree he planted in Gen. 21. A Tamarisk is a salt-cedar treeand doesn’t grow fast. He had a vision of those who came after him enjoying its shade.It’s hard to think of doing something that may not benefit you, but will benefit futuregenerations. This takes patience. And it’s special how something as seemingly smallas cutting down a tree can prompt a simple, but wise response, like what Andrewsaid. What kinds of Tamarisk trees am I going to plant today in life that my childrenand co-workers, that will benefit future generations? What Tamarisks tree are youplanting today?

Blessings, Ben