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Oct 1, 2013

By Ben Hayes

Rodrick and Symon since the accident

Rodrick had the missing teeth he lost during the accident replaced this month. He requested I pass on his deep gratitude to all of you who prayed for and supported him. In addition, he is scheduled to meet with the doctor to set a day for surgery on his knee. Unfortunately, the doctor has been on holiday, leaving Rodrick to fight his painful knee for an extra month. We hope the surgery will take place this month, so he can begin the last stage of recovery.

Symon continues to improve daily. He has been back in the office now for a couple months, but he still is limited in his strength. He is not yet able to travel out to the villages. However, he is improving and we expect to see him fully active again soon. Thank you for praying for these good men. Please continue to do so.

Vehicle Search

Our search for an ambulance vehicle for the Maternity Clinic and one other good used vehicle for Mission use continues. We are currently surviving with one vehicle, (I can’t quite say “managing”). Our ministry suffers in this condition, as often, when our one vehicle is out and there is a need at the Maternity Clinic to have someone driven to the larger hospital nearby, we have to call on a local ambulance nearby and this takes time, precious time and expense.

It can seem a little crazy, not to mention disheartening, to have been looking for a vehicle for this long and not be able to find anything. It was also disappointing that we could not order a new vehicle because of the prohibitive import tax. This would have been a great solution. Good used vehicles are just not easy to come by here, and it takes patience to find a good one for a good price. And rather than settle for just any old car, we continue to search. Please continue praying that God will provide what we need.