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The Faces of Namikango

Aug 27, 2019

Ben and Becca Hayes

Ben and Becca met in high school where both shared an interest in missions. Ben enrolled at Lubbock Christian University and majored in Engineering with a Minor in Missions. He transferred to Texas Tech and completed his degree work in December of 2008.

Becca pursued her passion for missions by moving to Mbale, Uganda,in August 2005 and served as a teacher for the mission school. Becca served until December 2006 working in Kitale, Kenya and Nimule,Sudan.

Their paths crossed again in the spring of 2007 at a mutual friend’swedding. Their interest grew and dating turned into an engagement and a wedding in November of 2008 – shortly before Ben completed his Engineering degree.

Ben and Becca were both extremely interested in missions but were advised to work a while before pursuing missions - which they did. Ben worked as a design engineer at Cameron Corp. in Houston for three years. As a consolation for putting their mission dream on hold, Ben and Becca took a month-long trip visiting Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

In 2011, Ben received a phone call from his dad Kirk Hayes informing him that Mark Thiesen and his family were leaving Namikango Missionin Malawi and returning home and asked Ben if he and Becca were interested in filling the position at Namikango. Ben and Becca met with B Shelburne, and Sidney Vaughn. Perhaps one of the most important observations made by Ben and Becca was that God never closed the door to Namikango even though he was in a 3-year commitment to Cameron Corp. The opportunity to go, their funding, and even family counsel was all positive. After prayerful consideration, they decided to go and moved to Malawi in July 2012.

After their flight to Malawi, they were being driven to the Mission and their driver hit a person on the road just miles from the Mission house. Several intense hours followed before Becca, four months pregnant at the time, could finally get home. Welcome to Namikango!

Seven years into mission work, Ben and Becca are at home. It looks like they belong in Malawi. With verandah doors open and kids playing in a beautiful yard, we talked easily about their duties. Ben wears the title of Director at the Namikango Mission. That means he handles general oversight of all the ministries and personnel of the Mission. Ben shared a list of responsibilities that included: administration, HR, accounting,recruiting, interviews, personnel problems, land management, village visit program, church seminars, Bible school program, health committee,curriculum development, discipleship groups, newsletter and monthly reports, not to mention the non-government organization partnerships.Duties are heavy, the work is large, and thousands of Malawians are affected by Ben’s decisions. It is a prayer-full responsibility. They acknowledged that he doesn’t do it alone as Eric, Ryan and his family,and the Malawian staff all share a large part of the load.

Becca has been busy as well. The Hayeses have been blessed with three children - Braylon (8), Brooklyn (6), and Britain (4). Becca finds herself a full-time wife and mother as well as a home-school teacher fo rmultiple grades. Becca occasionally speaks in village meetings, helps lead Bible Study in Zomba, organizes and hosts ex-pat community events, and participates in team meetings.

Ben and Becca have grown into their respective roles wonderfully.They are a godsend! They exude spiritual maturity, wisdom, and a long suffering patience needed for serving cross-culturally on the mission field. They continue a long line of strong missionary families who haveserved at Namikango Mission.