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Sep 26, 2019

COFFEE: We’ve finished harvesting coffee for the year. We harvested about 700 pounds which we’re pleased with for the first major harvest. We anticipate the building for coffee processing to be finished in the next month. Then we will setup for processing, roasting, and packaging coffee. It is expected that proceeds from this will help support the many ministries at Namikango.

BIG PROJECTS: The Admin building, the Out Patient Clinic, and the football field are moving along. Our campus is taking on a new look as we remove some old boundary hedges for better access for the future school. The hedge in the picture has been there for many years as it acted as a front yard fence for missionaries living in the Mission house. This view now opens up beautifully to the new classroom and Admin building. It continues as a warm welcome to all who come.

PIT LATRINE: You may know that we have no sewerage system here, so we’re putting in a new pit latrine for the Maternity Clinic Staff who are on campus. This is needed now, before the rainy season arrives.

NEW GUARD HOUSE: In continuing to improve security, we’ve installed another guard house on the lower part of the property near the river.

CHANGE OF COLOR AND SEASON: As we enter our hot season, one of the primary indicators is the change of color. It starts with the purple jacaranda trees and bougainvillea, then will move on to the red flame trees and others. These brilliant flowers contrast against the dry, brown landscape.

Ben Hayes