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Ready For Class

Nov 12, 2019

It was an exciting day at Ntonda School – for theschool and the entire community. It was September 16, 2019.Many have been waiting for this day for the past 8 months, followingthe disaster in January when a severe storm destroyed severalclassrooms at the school. Today, it was finally time to open anduse the new block of classrooms.

A special function was held where students, Ntonda School staff,Namikango Mission staff, community leaders, and the DistrictCommissioner’s staff were all present. The guest of honor was theD.C. himself, Mr. Emmanuel Bambe. In his speech, the D.C. thankedNamikango Mission and its partners from the USA, for a magnificentclassroom block. He remarked on the extremely high-quality of thebuilding and noted that it is the first of its kind in the whole of ZombaDistrict, and we are setting an example for other communities.

He encouraged the students to study and to work hard in class,and he even promised those in standard eight (8th Grade) that if theyfinish with high enough grades to be selected to a NationalSecondary School (High School), they will be given 20,000 MalawiKwacha each. ($27, which is about three weeks’ pay at minimumwage).

It was a great day. Everyone was excited to see thenew school year open with such a special event and witha new structure. We are so grateful to the individuals, toChristian Relief Fund, East Side Church, and to I.D.E.S.for the contributions towards the school block. From ourend, it’s been gratifying to have the support of people whotrust us and who believe in the work we are doing toprovide this prompt response for help. This has been anexcellent project in terms of the quality of the final product.We are very grateful as we consider the number of peoplethis project has benefited. . . And thankful those blessingswill long continue.

by Ben Hayes