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Camp Meeting

Nov 12, 2019

Ben and I had the privilege of conducting a Camp Meetingin a remote village in Southern Malawi with the help of our interpreter, Moses. We have attended and taught atnumerous Camp Meetings over the years, but always with awell-staffed team of teachers. Being on our own, thisexperience was bound to be quite different!

As we reached the village Friday and settled into our“home” for the next few days, we were greeted warmly withgood food and conversations. After we were fed, theteaching began. Ben and I alternated teaching sessionsand Moses tirelessly interpreted for both of us!

The theme for the Camp Meetings this year has been,“Living and Walking by the Spirit,” taken from Galatians 5.

For many in the village churches, the idea of the HolySpirit is a foreign concept and is often misunderstood. Forthis reason, the Camp Meetings have sought to providegood scriptural teachings on the Holy Spirit and the role Heplays in the life of a Christian and the church. We began inGenesis then covered what Jesus and Paul taught on thissubject. The weekend was filled teaching and discussingthese Scriptures at every opportunity.

It is always refreshing to spend time in the villages. It helps center those of us who spendmost of our days behind a computer in the office working on spreadsheets and reports.

It helps remind us of the work being done by our faithful and competent staff, when theyare out in the field, and it puts us back “on the front line” of the many ministries Namikangotakes part in.

Ben and I came home Sunday after the meeting, feeling excited about the way the Spiritof God is moving in the churches and villages in Malawi and how we get to be a small partof the Kingdom of God being established here.

by Eric Gephart