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Nov 12, 2019

Church Visits Camp
Meetings are an ongoing part of ourministry. We try to maintain at least three weekends a monthwith Mission staff out in the field, sometimes with more than oneCamp Meeting on the same weekend. Since June we’veattended 11 Camp Meetings with 4,124 people attending,representing 247 congregations. These resulted in 57 baptisms.

Administration Building
Work has started on the insidewalls and ceilings plastering and will be finishing the floors soon.The contractor who had the job has given us problems and wehad to give them a deadline to finish their part of the contract.We’re skeptical that they will meet the deadline, but we willcontinue moving forward allthe same.

Out Patient Clinic
All modifications to the buildingare scheduled to be done thismonth. The Clinic willinclude a pharmacy andwe’re currently installing newshelves for it, as well as acheckout counter.

Land Development
Irrigation for our Coffee andMacadamia plants has reached a bump. We installed a solarpump for water and were ready to put it into operation.Unfortunately, the pump was stolen. This is why we haveinstalled fences and security guards.

The police have been informed and are working on the case.In the meantime, we have had to conserve water, even limitingthe outside villagers’ water usage. We will continue by wateringthe coffee by hand until another solution is found.

The police have circulated the information on the theft andare waiting to see if the pump shows up for sale within theirnetwork. So, we might give it a couple weeks, then start talkingabout how to move forward toreplace it.

Maternity Clinic
There were an average of 90mothers who came fordelivery last month with 70delivering at the Clinic and therest were referred to ZombaCentral Hospital to handlecomplications. An average of400 people are being testedfor HIV each month (men andwomen).