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Meet Towera Manda

Dec 9, 2019

Towera is the third born in a family of eight children and is 32 years old. After high school,Towera attended PACT college, receiving herdegree in 2005; she continued her studies inadvanced Business Management. She worked withFarming and Engineering Services, then she workedas a Village Savings and Loans (VSL) Officer. InSeptember 2017, she joined Namikango Mission asVSL Officer, working with members of the church, mobilizingthem to form groups. Her work has taken her to 9 districts fromnorth to south in Malawi and two regions in Mozambique.

Towera has a passion for poor people and to see their livestransformed physically and spiritually, so working as the VSLOfficer allows her to impact people’s lives in both these ways.

She trains people in village savings and loans, aswell as helps them in business training and how toutilize the funds that people have saved.

Coming to Namikango has impacted her life inmany ways. The women’s fellowship programs havehelped her grow spiritually. Her interaction withpeople in the rural areas has helped her tounderstand them better and has taught her to putothers before herself, to the point where she has assisted somewomen from her own funds enabling them to start up a smallbusiness and to begin saving.

Towera is a soccer fan, likes to sing, bake cakes and snacks,and she enjoys reading. She is currently reading a book onRevelation. Her favorite Scripture is Psalms 23: 1 – 6.

Symon J Katete