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Mission Kitchen Goes Modern

Oct 1, 2013

For many years the Mission Kitchen has used a built-in fireplace for cooking. It has served us well, but is way past its life span. The cost of operating the old way is very high, requiring a lot of firewood.

Thankfully, a solution is at hand, with new, modern, and efficient stoves. The old built-in stoves and pots had the capacity to cater for around 40 people. If we had more guests than this, the cooks would do two, three, or more rounds of cooking in order to feed everyone. The old stoves also used lots of fuel: about a cubic meter of firewood for a normal day when students were on campus.

The new stoves will be able to double their efficiency and can handle groups as high as 80 in one cooking. A breakthrough in cooking technology, with a special clay heat conserving chamber, provides a very efficient use of energy. These high quality stoves are manufactured by a local firm – Ken Steel Engineering – which states that cooking three meals a day will use only a quarter of a cubic meter of firewood.

This is very good news for our Mission forest and for our Mission cooks who will now become more efficient, cleaner, and less tired at day’s end. AND, these stoves are portable and can be used inside or out. They will sit in the present kitchen, next to the old stoves, which will soon be torn out, leaving us with a spacious, modern kitchen.

This is an exciting improvement and the cost of acquiring these stoves was $325.

Thanks, Bisani