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Leading with Grace

Dec 9, 2019

A difficult time in ministry is when we are asked to mediate on issues between brethren in the church.

Misunderstandings and differences among brethrendo happen, and it requires a loving effort to mediate andresolve. I believe most differencesamong people are schemes by the evilone wanting to divide us and to takeaway time from spreading the Gospel.

For a long time, members of thechurch - mostly leaders incongregations - have brought issuesto Namikango regarding theirdifferences. Sometimes they justrequire advice and wise counselingthrough Scripture. In some cases, the issues aresensitive and need a lot of patience and prayer.

Our desire at Namikango is not to interfere in anychurch issues unless we are invited by both parties.Even when invited, we would not handle issues thathave not been tried by their leaders. We do thisbecause we do not want to be perceived as a higherjudicial authority.

We want the church leadership tohandle issues of their own localcongregation in a peaceful way.When people come to us to seekadvice on doctrinal and church issuesthis provides teaching opportunities.

Much respect has been given toNamikango in its relationships withchurches over the years. A major partof our work is to encourage and helpthe 2,000+ churches we work with to grow spiritually.

We are honored to have this role. We continue topray for wisdom as we serve at Namikango and as Godcontinues to move and unite His people here in Malawi.

by Symon John Katete